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The Art of Baking Rustic Bread

The Art of Baking Rustic Bread

The course is designed for participants who would stand to add value to their organisation through baking good quality rustic bread using a combination of wild and commercial yeast. It aims to give participants a hands-on experience in baking a rustic load, using simple and everyday appliances, tools and ingredients.

By the end of this course, participants will:

  • learn how to grow their own wild yeast, create a Sourdough Starter and use it to make bread;
  • gain confidence and skill in baking their own rustic load using a Dutch Oven;
  • learn how to manage fermentation to maximise flavour in bread.

Awarding Body

  • SDH Institute

Entry Requirements

  • Primary School Education

Occupation of Target Audience

  • Non-supervisory, supervisory or managerial

Mode of Delivery

  • Classroom based, practical demonstrations and individual practices

Assessment Methods

  • NA

Graduation Requirements

  • Participants who meet 75% attendance for the workshop will receive the certificate of participation.

Course Duration

  • Full-time:  NA
  • Part-time:  1 day (7 hours)

Next available intake(s)

  • The intake for the full-time program is currently not available
  • The intake for the part-time program is currently not available

The following covers theory along with practical demonstrations and individual practices. The theory and practical elements of the course run concurrently. The main elements covered are:

  • Bakers’ Percentage
  • Appliances and Tools required
    • Preparation of Ingredients
    • Using Pre-ferments: Lavain, Poolish, Biga
    • Final Mix & Autolyse
    • Folding Method
    • Initial Shaping & Bench Rest
    • Final Shaping & Proof
    • Scoring & Bake
  • Types of Flour and Using Combination of Flour
  • How to create your own Sourdough Starter (Wild Yeast)
  • Managing Fermentation
  • Scoring Technique

Course Fee: S$140 (Without 7% GST). S$149.80 (With 7% GST)

Register for Course:

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