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Student Testimonials

Local Students Testimonials

After I completed my A levels, I wanted to enroll myself into a Hospitality Management Degree program in the local university but I realized there were few choices around and I don’t really like the modules in their program. The modules in SDH hospitality program is the main reason why I chose to enroll into SDH. The lecturers in SDH are very professional. and they are always sharing their vast industry experiences in the Hospitality Industry and I benefitted a lot from such sharing sessions.

Another thing which enable me to further understand the Hospitality industry are the site visits and field trips to various established hotels and resorts, which the School regularly arranges. The most memorable one was a special event whereby an STB ex-Chief Executive personnel was invited to our School and share with us about the Tourism Industry in Singapore and around the region.

Koh Bei Yin

VATEL Institut, Singapore, Bachelor's Degree in International Hotel Management, November 2014 GCE 'A' Levels Graduate, Yishun Junior College

I was previously from a Polytechnic institute in Singapore but I withdrew from the program due to the inadaptability of the teaching culture. But fortunately, SDH gave me an opportunity to be back as a Student. The School induces a “Family-like” culture, where the lecturers and administrative staffs has a close personal touch with the students and are always there to lend a helping hand to us.  Being in a class with classmates from different nationalities and backgrounds gave me to know and understand people and their cultural differences, I believe this will help me, one way or another, in future especially in the working world where most companies have diverse working enviroment.

All in all, SDH is helping me to stay on track and bringing me many steps closer to realize my dream to pursue an exciting career in the Events Management Industry”

Yeo Hui Ching

VATEL Institut, Singapore, Bachelor's Degree in International Hotel Management, May 2015 Ex-Polytechnic student

SDH Institute is a good institution that nurtures its student to be prepared for the hospitality industry. As for me, the hands on experience I get from the school gives me a clearer picture of what I want to be. With the guidance of professional and experienced lecturers and school staff, it gives me the motivation for me to pursue my career and to have a dream to be an Event Manager one day.

Mohd Syafiq Bin Saniff

(Diploma in Events Management, class of 2010)

I am a full time student and my name is Janna Binti Rahiman aged 40years old. I am taking diploma in hospitality management in the SDH Institute ending March 2011. All thanks to the consultant who encouraged me to further study although my age is catching up and on top of that, I am a single parent with son still schooling at Republic Polytechnic. All the staff and lecturers are always there to listen to student’s views and problems. They tried to give ideas on how to solve the problems and they did follow up on the students after that. The school trained and disciplined the student for the better future. They guided students entering the career path by inviting the managers from hospitality industry giving speech to students for job opportunities and how it goes about.

Janna Binti Rahiman

(Diploma in Hospitality Management, class of 2010)

SDH had bring out my talents and interest in this field. The school had given me the opportunity to manage real event. With great friends and support from all the knowledgeable lecturers, it makes me much more motivated. Having equipped with relevant skills and knowledge, SDH have prepared me for a career in events management.

Dinah Izzati Binte Khairizan

(Diploma in Events Management, class of 2010)

International Students Testimonials

SDH is one of the schools which created a very good first impression. The staffs were very kind, understanding and most importantly, they displayed professionalism in hospitality. After I enrolled into the program for some time, I know that I will not regret my decision in choosing SDH. The lectures are very open to the students. The lecturers always share their vast industry experiences in the Hospitality Industry and this filled the gap which we will never learn from the textbooks.

The small student-lecturer ratio in SDH enable more interactions in class, making lessons very engaging and this also brings the students and lecturers closer with each other, creating a “family-like” environment, which is especially helpful for international students like me, who are far away from my family.

Glorious Matthew Santana

VATEL Institut, Singapore, Bachelor's Degree in International Hotel Management, July 2015 International student from Indonesia , ASEAN Scholar, GCE 'A' Levels Graduate, Innova Junior College

“I am among those fortunate students who have had or will have the opportunity to call School D’Hospitality their Alma-mater. Academic excellence and an equally credible faculty are expected from a school that offers world class program such as the Master’s Degree in International Hotel Management and Tourism.

I was a part of the October 2012 batch & graduated in 2014, and selecting SD’H for my higher studies has been a life-changing experience for me. The teaching techniques at SD’H allowed me to gain an insight into the various facets of management. It is difficult to study after a gap of 8 years, but the excellent teaching techniques, tools and faculty not only helped me overcome this fear of mine but also helped me liaise my experience with the curriculum effectively, thereby enabling me to learn, understand, retain and achieve high scores.

Being an international student and travelling to Singapore for the first time made me nervous, but the whole student management team and the faculty at SD’H helped me to settle down as well as became a support system throughout my stay in Singapore.

The practical skills combined with the academic qualification that I have acquired at Vatel Singapore has given me the opportunity to be associated with hospitality and tourism conglomerate in the Middle East; Etihad Airways. I joined the organization as an Onboard Food & Beverage manager, and was promoted to the position of Cabin Senior within 12 months of my joining. Thus I believe that I made the right choice of selecting SD’H/Vatel as the school for my higher studies.”

Rishi Nada

VATEL Institut, Singapore, MBA in International Hotel Management, 2013 International student from India, Cabin Senior of Etihad Airways

I have received my VATEL Master’s Degree certificate and it was a great feeling to hold my Masters Degree Certificate. I would like to say thanks and my warm regards to the entire SDH team and faculty member who had supported me in my Master’s Degree Journey
Thanking you all

Sarvesh Salaskar

VATEL Institut, Singapore, Master's Degree in International Hotel Management, 2015 International student from India

Mr Isaac, thank you for teaching me so much in this school. I like the way you teach us because I really understand when you teach us something. I have learnt a lot in the F&B and hotel industry. It was so interesting and gave me a lot of experience.

Mr. Barry, thank you for teaching me so much in this school. I like the way you teach. It was so nice to learn something and the way you teach something is very funny. All the students like you, you are such a nice person.

Enule Erdenebayar

Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management, 2015 International student from Mongolia

I thank you for your wonderful teaching, your patience and support with us! I am really lucky to have you as my accounting lecturer because I hated accounting back in Poly scoring only Cs for both of my accounting modules. You got me interested in how finances run in a company! I also want to thank you for your help in supporting my work placement! You are an awesome lecturer. I am sorry that my handwriting for the paper was pretty horrible but hopefully elgible because I have to get to the hospital for an appointment. Thank you very much and sorry for all the inconveniences.

Zyrus Sim

Vatel Institute, Singapore, Bachelor's Degree in International Hotel Management, 2014 International student from Indonesia

A big thank you to the lecturers and staffs of Vatel Singapore for giving me so many wonderful memories My learning journey was not easy, especially coming from the European region. The staffs and my classmates were very helpful in helping me to adapt to the climate and weather in Singapore. Even though I have graduated from Vatel Singapore, the School still invite me back to the School frequently to share my experiences with my juniors

Johanna Hopf

VATEL Institute, Singapore, Bachelor's Degree in International Hotel Management, July 2013 International student from Germany

After I graduated from AEC College, I visited many colleges insearch of a college with good, reputable Degree in Hotel Management and I came across SDH which offers a French Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel Management from Vatel Institut. Upon further research, I realized that SDH has good reputation in grooming students to be industry-ready upon graduation. SDH is also one of the Top 15 private institutes in Singapore and furthermore, Vatel Institut is one of the Top 7 Hotel Management School in Europe and is highly recognised worldwide in the Hospitality Industry.

The staffs and lecturers here are very kind, understanding and most importantly, they displayed professionalism in hospitality. The administrative staffs are always there to provide assistance to the students, if they have any questions. Be it academic-wise, future career opportunities or personal development. The lecturers are always very willing to share their vast industry experiences and i gained much insight about the International Hospitality industry which the books would not be able to relate.

I am confidence that my dream to pursue a long-time career in the Hospitality industry are in good hands.

Nguyen Ngoc Xuan Quynh, Kelis

VATEL Institut, Singapore, Bachelor's Degree in International Hotel Management, May 2013 International student from Vietnam Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management Graduate, AEC College

After I graduated from MDIS College, I was searching for a college with good education pathway in Hotel Management and I came across SDH which offers a French Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel Management from Vatel Institut and the program also allow me to learn the French Language in Year 3 of the Bachelor’s Degree program which attracted me even more.

Even though I just started my class a few weeks ago, the School’s “Open-Door” culture has enabled me to adapt and blend into the school environment quickly. The lecturers and administrative staffs in SDH are very approachable and helpful towards our inquiries. SDH feel like a family to me, as the students here are like brothers and sisters, and it makes going school to more enjoyable and fun.

Nordin Nurdiana Binte

Advanced Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management, May 2013 International student from The Philippines Diploma in Hospitality Management Graduate, MDIS College

Living in Sri Lanka and being aware of all the Tourism based developments going around my country, I grew curious and wanted to find out a bit more about the industry. I then searched online and found SDH and went through their programs and decided that this is something I would be interested in. The programs in SDH is structured in a way that you do two subjects at a time, this way unlike all other programs you don’t loose focus and actually learn what they teach. As each module is roughly two months, I was never bored of a subject because of doing it for too long.

SDH is located in a great location in short radius to all the main points of interests. At SDH from your first day there you could notice that the staff and the students will all be friendly and by the end of the week you will know them very well. This is a very key important characteristic that will help International students who are leaving home for the first time, as at SDH you will feel comfortable of having a social life. Another key characteristic of choosing SDH is that I got to work in groups with a lot interesting people from all over the world. This is important as the Tourism industry is all about multicultural environments, so at the end of your course you will be comfortable and confident with working with people from different environments.

In conclusion, I would recommend SDH to all potential students who are interested in entering the Tourism Industry. Coming to SDH will also give you the opportunity to experience living in this Multicultural, colourful, bustling city

Apinash Sivagumaaran

Sri Lanka (Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management, Class of 2012)

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