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On 28 March, SDH conducted a SkillsFuture Western Dining Etiquette Workshop. Facilitated by Lecturer Isaac, a total of 8 participants joined the interactive and comprehensive workshop.

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Photos by Edward Yong

After a 4-hour introduction conducted in the SDH city campus, participants then headed to Chef’s Table by Chef Stephan Zoisl for a 5-course meal. In this restaurant, the chef will take those into consideration, including any dietary restriction – or option for vegetarian or vegan.

By the end of this competency-based course, participants will through actual practice and know the essentials of western dining etiquette skills and relevant restaurant service and terms to project a confident and professional image for various dining settings.

Miss Qing Xuan, a participant, says this whole experience was very insightful and she learned a lot of interesting nuggets of information that she would have never known prior to this workshop. We are glad our participants enjoyed themselves thoroughly in this workshop!

To find out more about this workshop, click here.

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