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SDH News & Events

SDH News & Events

Singapore F1 Grand Prix 2019

Over the last 3 days, our Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Tourism Management students once again had the opportunity to volunteer to be a part of the Singapore F1 Grand Prix. 2019 marks our 3rd year of collaboration with the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, with our...

Mixology 101

Over a span of 2 days, SDH students got the opportunity to attend a mixology workshop conducted by Mr Mike Cheong, Brand Ambassador at Bacardi. Having learned the origin and harvesting process of the base ingredients of the drinks, they got the chance to make their...

Vatel Excellence Award Innovation

Our Senior Lecturer, Dr Fred, alongside with Vatel Singapore MBA alumna, Ms Gredia Tokan, were awarded the Vatel Excellence Award Innovation at the Graduation Ceremony. This award was presented to them for their research paper: The Perception of Technology Adoption...

Giving Back

SDH employees visited Hostel Sunflower in Sikuati Town, Sabah, where they taught basic English to children and youth in the local hostel.

VATEL Alumni Networking Session 2019

We recently held a networking session for our SDH-Vatel alumni in our very own city campus - this networking session creates an opportunity to bring alumni together, providing a platform for them to interact with connect with one another. We were honoured to have...

China Study Tour 2019

Last week, we welcomed students from various High Schools in China to SDH Institute campus for their study tour from 28 July to 1 August 2019. This study tour allowed them to immerse themselves in the international tourism scene and experience the hospitality...

ADHTM Trip to Batam 2019

Our ADHTM Year 1 and 2 students recently went to Batam to learn the ropes of housekeeping, presentation and culinary from the staff of Batam View Beach Resort!

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