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SDH Institute Lecturers


Khai Rassidy

Adjunct Lecturer 

Mr Khai Rassidy is a certified, UK-trained (Chartered International Institute of Security & Crisis Management) consultant, doing consulting work for the future Changi Airport T5 project. He is certified as ACTA trained and a US coach based consultant from the Santa Fe Center.

After spending more than 20 years in various government law enforcement agencies, Khai moved on to the commercial side of the safety, security and project management domain to expand his knowledge and work skill sets in the cruise, auxiliary and aviation industry.

Previously, in the maritime cruise and ferry industry, Khai was leading and managing a team of auxiliary officers to ensure passengers’ safety and security were of paramount. Working hand in hand with the customs, intelligence and cruise/ferry fleet clients, Khai strove to ensure that no safety and security features were breached at the 3 Cruise Centre terminals in Singapore.


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