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We are glad to announce that SDH has achieved the 2nd runner-up title for Restaurant Association of Singapore (RAS) Futsal Tournament 2018. Led by Head of Academics Mr Isaac Joshua, the SDH team consists of SDH alumni and current students; Fairuz, Min, Dharvin, Zave, A Elgin, Pal, and Nidup.

futsal 5

The team collaborated and played with great teamwork and remarkable skills, gracing through the qualifying rounds and quarters (2-1), until the semi-finals (1-0) where SDH was beaten by One Altitude.


While teetering in the 3rd/4th placing, SDH successfully prevailed and earned a triumph of a 3rd placement in the Tournament after crushing Rebel Roosters (4-0).


This annual futsal tournament event provides a great opportunity for organisations and establishments in the Food and Beverage industry to engage in fun teambuilding, build social relations and encourage positive communication between colleagues, partners, and friends. This friendly kick-off session helps work partners to loosen up and have fun together – while keeping fit.

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This year, our SDH jerseys were graciously sponsored by SP-Elgin Koh and AIA Vitality Singapore. Mr Elgin and his family were present to give moral support and to cheer along with the rest of us.


We hope our SDH alumni, students, and lecturers have fun today, and we hope to participate in this enjoyable event again next year! Again, great job guys!

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