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Last Thursday before the long weekend, the SDH Student Council successfully organised the annual SDH BBQ Party. This time, it was hosted at SDH Hostel @ Pearl’s Hill – the newly launched school hostel.

Every year, lecturers work together with the Student Council team to coordinate and set up an enjoyable evening activity for everyone to get together and have fun. This fun-filled event on 29 March provided an informal platform for students, lecturers, and staff to socialise and mingle with each other.

Surrounded by lush nature at the top of a small hill, students and staff arrived at about 6pm. The hostel is just a stone’s throw from the Outram train station. An accessible location for individuals who are arriving in both bus and train.

Bags of charcoal, frazzled BBQ food, grilled corn under the open flames, crisps for nibbles, and a welcoming aroma in a relaxing party atmosphere. The party was packed with lively and entertaining games such as frisbee and basketball. Everyone was treated to a sumptuous dinner of catered fried rice, barbecued food, and drinks.

With such social activities, students are able to let their hair down, interact with one another and make new friends within a circle enriched with diverse cultural perspectives. We hope everyone, including the lecturers and staff, had fun!

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