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Organized by the SDH Student Council, we always encourage and promote our students to stay active and involve themselves in school activities outside of the classroom environment.
From 2-5pm, students from CFS, DHO, ADHTM and DHTM attended our first sports event of the year which consisted of Badminton and Basketball competitions. Badminton was played to a score of 15 points in a knockout system where the winners will progress. Alternatively, in the finals, they play a deciding match until 21 points. Our student council mentors kindly took time out of their day to umpire the game and help keep score. We started with 8 teams and our top 3 champions received a prize but everyone was provided with free refreshments throughout the day. Unfortunately, we only had 2 teams for the basketball tournament but it was exciting nonetheless. It was a 3-v-3 match between the students and the staff in which the students won both matches. Overall, it was great to see our students interact and enjoy themselves with extra-curricular activities. A huge thank you goes out to the members of our student council for organizing and all those who participated.

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