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Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management graduate Shashika shares with us his experience studying at SDH Institute and gave some pointers on how one can best prepare for a career in this industry.

“After graduation, I secured a job at the Galle Face Hotel, Colombo. I had the chance to work in the various departments in the hotel, including taking on the role of the duty manager.
SDH has transformed me into a multicultural individual, which I am grateful for, as it has helped me to understand the diverse cultures and possible scenarios you might face in your workplace. I would like to give credit to SDH for preparing me at a professional level to join the hospitality industry! I feel the best way one can prepare for a career in this industry is to arm yourself with knowledge and to learn from the seniors in your workplace. Most importantly, be passionate about your job!” he shares.


Join us now at SDH Institute to be thoroughly prepared and equipped for the real-world challenges ahead!


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