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Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management

Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management

SDH Institute’s Post Graduate Diploma Programmes are for individuals who want to acquire the specialised knowledge and qualifications required to enter the hospitality and gaming industry, or for existing professionals who aspire to career progression. Students will learn from a network of established industry practitioners; this will enable them to have an extra edge in securing fruitful employment and build their careers upon graduation. Students will gain a solid understanding of the business and management aspects of the hospitality and gaming industry.

Awarding Body

  • SDH Institute

Program Accreditation Body

Diploma Awarded

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management

Entry Requirements

Minimum Age 21
Language Requirement Attainment of IELTS 5.5 or  equivalent
Academic Requirement Obtained a Bachelor Degree in any field or equivalent
Work Experience Not Applicable

Mode of Delivery

  • Classroom-based Lectures, Tutorials, Discussions and/or Research

Assessment Methods

  • Written Assignments, Examinations

Graduation Requirements

  • Obtained a passing mark in all examinable modules

Progression Pathway

  • SDH Institute has an articulation agreement with Institute Vatel. Students who completed the Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management are able to enroll into the Masters Programme.

Course Duration

  • Full-time: 6 months
  • Part-time: 9 months

Next available intake(s)

  • The intake for this program is every two (2) months (January, March, May, July, September, November)

HRM400 Human Resource Management - 50 Hours (FT), 36 Hours (PT)

Analyses human resource problems and issues; their translation into corporate policies; urban, cultural and legal realities in human resource matters; decisions affecting the development and management of human resources policies. Legal issues are reviewed in detail.

HPM400 Hospitality Management - 50 Hours (FT), 36 Hours (PT)

Gives students the opportunity to gain an understanding of operational management skills and apply theoretical concepts in the hospitality environment. This module includes the delivery and assessment of operational management practices such as quality management, risk assessment, legislative controls, financial control, training and motivation. Students will plan, execute and reflect on an event undertaken within the hospitality industry.

MIT400 Management of International Tourism - 50 Hours (FT), 36 Hours (PT)

Provides comprehensive coverage of key business concepts in international tourism management including tourism demand and forecasting, research and innovation, corporate strategy, environmental issues, marketing, finance and operations and human capital management.

MGA400 Managerial Accounting -50 Hours (FT), 36 Hours (PT)

Enables potential managers to learn about users and providers of management accounting information. Students also learn internal accounting terms and procedures; use of accounting data in planning, control and performance evaluation; assumptions and limitations of conventional accounting measurements.

MKT400 Marketing - 50 Hours (FT), 36 Hours (PT)

Once the students are familiar with all the components of the marketing mix, they learn how to develop marketing strategies and prepare complete marketing plans for companies in different sectors, environments and situations, in accordance with their global policies and strategies.

SAM400 Site Attraction Management - 50 Hours (FT), 36 Hours (PT)

This course provides an overview of man-made and natural site attractions, conservation, access routes, heritage sites, urban sites, etc. Topics include human resources, marketing, finance, business systems, developing customer service, health & safety, security and event management in the site attraction and recreation industries.

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