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Four secondary students, accompanied by Mr. Leonard Alandy Dy and Ms. Barbie Pastoral, from the Philippines they came to SDH on 27 May 2016, they were greeted by the SDH Student Council members (the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and the secretary). It was a very pleasant encounter.  Mr Fred, SDH Institute Senior Lecturer and Programme Head, did a presentation of SDH Institute, showed them the videos that were created by our own SDH Institute students showing the Vatel pathway, graduates, and the SDH Institute students’ campus life.

The visitors learned the course pathway of a hospitality management student, from certificate to diploma, advanced diploma, degree and masters. There was a Q&A session after the presentation by Mr. Fred. It was followed by a tour of the SDH school premises. They were given the rare opportunity to join our fellow students in the VATEL Bachelor’s Degree program for lessons and sat with them, they were also introduced to the students of different nationalities, from Europe, Asia, and others. The visiting students also introduce themselves to the SDH Institute students. Hopefully, they would remember some of our students. The students and parents were shown our training restaurant and had been briefed of the activities our SDH students are trained in to include table setting, wine mixing, etc.

They also met with our SDH Managing Director, Mr Chia Tuck Keong, and had a brief chat with them. Then, they were treated to a simple snack served by our hospitality students before they left.

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