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Yesterday Dr Sammy Li, a senior lecturer and project coordinator at Birmingham University, UK, arrived at SDH campus to do an engaging presentation around Brexit issues for students from the Vate MBA, Vatel Bachelor’s degree, ADHTM, and DHTM programmes.

Previously involved in research projects for clients such as UNWTO, THEMIS Foundation and Arab Tourism Organization, Dr Sammy has high expertise in tourism topics in marketing, management, development as well as education. From this interactive and informative session, student learned a lot about Brexit deal and its volatile impacts on the global economy and on tourism and hospitality industry. Such information and knowledge are integral for students to know and understand the economic implications on aviation sector and tourism industry that are exacerbated by Brexit. SDH and VATEL strongly urge students to keep themselves aware and informed with current affairs so they can engage in meaningful conversations when they network, become a well-rounded individual, and be aware of opportunities around them.

Dr Sammy has previously conducted another talk in SDH campus, and this was his second time presenting an important topic to our students. We hope to welcome Dr Sammy back again for another engaging and informative talk for our students.

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