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Learning Beyond the Classroom: A Trip to The Air Force Museum

Students from Diploma in Aviation and Travel Operations visited the Air Force Museum to learn on the history, heritage and values of the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) through a series of interactive displays and role-playing games.

Former air crew specialist and tour guide, Mr Nathan brought our students around to view the 7 various decommissioned fighter jets, aircraft systems and missiles used by the RSAF.

Our students were heartened and enlightened as Mr Nathan shared this story on the rescue works he had done, and how they are part of the humanitarian activities in the United Nations program.


In SDH Institute, we complement tradition classroom learning with field trips and out-of-classroom activities, providing our students with real-world experiential situations. This can enhance the learning process as well as equipping them with hands-on experience.

Check out the Diploma in Aviation and Travel Operations course offered by SDH Institute here:

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