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Admission Process

How to Apply

In this section, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to apply for a programme offered by SDH Institute (SDH).

Step 1: Check the Admission Requirements

a) Find out the admission requirements of the program you are interested in (Please refer to Entry Requirements section)

b) For information about specific course pre-requisites and the recognition of qualifications not listed, please contact the SDH Office

Step 2: Fill in the Application Form

a) Complete SDH Application Form – You may download the form here: SDH Course Application Form

b) Attach certified copies of academic certificates, transcripts, English language test results (if applicable), and any other supporting documents

c) If the required documents are not in the English language, officially translated versions as well as copies in the original language are required

d) Please remember to enclose the relevant course fees. It should be made payable to SDH Institute Pte Ltd.

Application Fee(inclusive of 8% GST)
a.) Application Fee  
International Student*
(Local Transfer/Direct from Overseas)
*Application Fee paid is strictly non-refundable
Step 3: Submit the Application Form

a) Send your application form, with all supporting documents and the relevant application fees to SDH representatives in your country or directly to SDH at the following address:

SDH Institute Pte Ltd
51 Anson Road, #13-51, Anson Centre
Singapore 079904

Tel: +65 65061288
Fax: +65 65061287

b) Your application form should reach us at least 1 month before the commencement of the programme

c) To avoid delay, please ensure that you have signed all application forms and attached all supporting documents

Step 4: Acceptance of Application

a) Once your application has been accepted by SDH, you will receive the following:

  • A Letter of Offer (indicates Fees Schedule and Intake Details)

b) Course Details

c) Student Pass Application Checklist

  • SDH Service Commitment Policies (include Fee Protection Scheme, Refund Policy and Procedure etc)
  • Accommodation information (for Foreign Students only)
STEP 5: Application for Student's Pass (for foreign students)

a) As soon as we receive your acceptance form and relevant fees, we will proceed to make the necessary application for your Student’s Pass

b) Please note that the Student Pass application takes about 2 to 4 weeks

c) Duly complete the SDH Course Application Form and submit the following documents for the Student’s Pass application:

  • Applicant’s Birth Certificate
    Notarised true copies of both the original and English translation and birth certificate number must be indicated
  • Applicant’s education certificates and result transcripts
    Notarised true copies of both the original and English translation and certificate number must be indicated
  • Documentary proof of financial ability in the form of a bank statement/fixed deposit accounts/saving accounts (for visa-required countries) – Minimum Thirty Thousand Singapore Dollars (S$30,000).
  • iv. Applicant and/or parent’s letter of employment and salary record with English translation
    (for visa– required countries). Monthly salary, designation and date of employment must be indicated
  • Five (5) copies of applicant’s recent passport-sized photographs or scanned copy JPEG
    file size: 400 pixels by 514 pixels.
  • Photocopy of applicant’s valid Passport.

d) Upon approval of the Student’s Pass, you will receive two (2) copies of the Student Standard Contract

e) You should complete, sign 2 original Student Contracts and return one (1) copy of the Student Standard Contract to us or to SDH representatives in your country


SDH will not be responsible for any information provided by third parties, except SDH approved agents. If there is any doubt, please seek clarification directly from SDH

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