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On 30th March 2016 (Wednesday), SDH Institute welcomed various leaders in the Hospitality, F&B, Tourism and Travel Industry, for the Inauguration of the [Hospitality Leaders]. A bi-annual Hospitality event with the purpose not only to create a platform for leaders of the Hospitality industry to connect with each other and exchange ideas but also a platform for companies to share new, innovative hospitality products & services.

Among the list of invited hospitality guests were:


  • Mr Loh Hai Poh, General Manager of Grand Park Hotel, City Hall
  • Mr Andries, Director of Club Vivre/Events & Catering Management
  • Mr Anthony Poppe, Regional Hotel Manager of Butler Tech Group
  • Mr Norman Cross, Executive Assistant Manager of Ramada & Day Hotels @ Zhongshan Park Wyndham Group
  • Ms Lum Pee Ling. Veteran Executive Housekeeper
  • Ms Imelda Sutisna, International Hospitality Consultant
  • Mr Hans, Creative Eateries Human Resource Dept
  • Mr Jonathan Pillai, Food & Beverage Director, Mandarin Hotel, Orchard
  • Ms Hazel, Megumi Japanese Restaurant
  • Mr Daniel Pang, All ID Asia /Hospitality Technology Business Solutionist
  • Mr Vincent See, Relationship Manager, Corner Stone Wines / Hock Tong Bee Pte Ltd
  • Andre Norman, Luzerne Pte Ltd
  • Graham Staples & Claire, General Manager, Didaska
  • Jin Win & Sirine, Owners/Restaurateurs, O’Bar
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