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Established in Year 2007, SDH Institute is a forward looking school with a clear focus on hospitality education. We strive to develop our students in a holistic manner. Our programmes not only equip our students with the professional and business knowledge and skills for the global hospitality industry, but also aim to inculcate an attitude of service excellence and entrepreneurship.

Our comprehensive range of Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Post-Graduate, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree and professional learning programmes, unique learning approach and caring student support create a truly distinctive educational experience.

If you want a unique learning experience that will adequately prepare you for a successful career in the dynamic and fast-paced hospitality and tourism industry, join us now at SDH Institute – Where Service Becomes Nature!




To Inspire and Develop Future Leaders and Professionals for the Hospitality Business.



To be The Premier Education Services Provider renowned for Hospitality and Business Education in the
Asia Pacific Region and beyond.



At SDH Institute, we strive to achieve EXQUISITE.

EXQUISITE stands for
EXcellence QUality Integrity Service Innovation TEamwork

It encapsulates the following core values:

We strive for EXCELLENCE in our works.

We never compromise on the QUALITY of our programmes and services.

We carry out our works and duties with INTEGRITY.

We take pride in the SERVICE we provide to our stakeholders

We continuously improve through INNOVATION and TEAMWORK



SDH Institute promotes a culture that supports and rewards staff that demonstrate behavior consistent with our values, to achieve EXQUISITE. The desired culture will also be one where staff at all levels use a “heads-on, hands-on and hearts-on” approach when carrying out their responsibilities, and in interacting and providing services to students, partners and stakeholders.

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