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Certificate in Business Management

Certificate in Business Management


The Certificate in Business Management is awarded by SDH Institute. This certification is a foundation study for students who seek to advance to Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Business Management and subsequently the Degree Level. Students must successfully complete all modules in order to be awarded the Certificate.


Course Learning Outcomes

Students will develop an understanding of the fundamental concepts in business administration covering business communication, accounting principles, management and quantitative methods.

Awarding Body

  • SDH Institute


Entry Requirements

Minimum Age 16
Language Requirement A Pass in GCE “N” English with min grade 5 , or attainment of IELTS 4.5, or  equivalent
Academic Requirement Obtained an overall pass in GCE N Level with a grade 5 in at least 2 subjects, or at least Secondary 3, or Junior High School Certificate, or equivalent
Work Experience Not Applicable


Mode of Delivery

  • Classroom-based Lectures, Tutorials, Discussions and/or Research


Assessment Methods

  • Written Assignments, Examinations


Graduation Requirements

  • Obtained a minimum ‘pass’ in all required modules


Progression Pathway

  • Students who complete the Certificate in Business Management are able to enroll in Diploma Business Management and others Diploma awarded by SDH Institute


Course Duration

  • Full-time:   6 months
  • Part-time:  6 months


Maximum Candidature Period

  • Full-time: 18 months
  • Part-time: 18 months

Next available intake(s)

  • The intake for the full-time program is currently not available
  • The intake for the part-time program is currently not available

IAC Introduction to Accounting - 50 Hours (FT), 36 Hours (PT)

  • Describe and explain briefly the nature and scope of accounting
  • Describe, explain and accurately reflect double entry bookkeeping principles and adjustments from books of original entry such as day books to the trial balance stage
  • Prepare a set of final annual accounts, including any appropriate adjustments needed for a sole trader, a partnership and a limited company
  • Understand the need for and complete accurately a cash flow statement
  • Undertake some financial ratio analysis of a company’s accounts and make reasoned judgements and comments on company performance based on their figures
  • Describe, explain and calculate accurately different elements of costs
  • Describe, explain and calculate labour and material costs
  • Describe and explain the essential concepts and principles of break-even analysis and undertake calculations accurately to demonstrate their overall understanding and knowledge
  • Describe and explain the concepts and principles of budgeting and the essential factors behind budgetary control

IBZ Introduction to Business - 50 Hours (FT), 36 Hours (PT)

  • Understand and describe the nature and purpose of business in terms of what businesses do, what resources they need and who they are accountable to
  • Describe the structure and classification of business
  • Understand the different objectives that exist in a business and appreciate the different stakeholder perspectives
  • Understand how the external environment creates opportunities and threats for a business
  • Understand the factors that influence the scale of production, the location of production and the choice between different types of production process
  • Explain the need for, and describe the means of, achieving control over quality and stock levels in production
  • Understand and describe the marketing process in terms of identifying, targeting and satisfying customers Understand and explain marketing strategy and marketing planning
  • Understand the purpose of and describe the main accounting terms and statements
  • Describe and explain relevant sources of finance for different business purposes
  • Understand the importance of human resources to an organisation and explain the need for human resource planning.
  • Understand motivation in theory and in practice

IBC Introduction to Business Communication - 50 Hours (FT), 36 Hours (PT)

  • Explain the principles which govern the transmission of information in business situations
  • Compose all common types of written communication in a clear, complete and correct way, with attention to presentation and neatness
  • Describe the principles of communicating orally in an effective way
  • Explain how non-verbal signals can help or hinder communication
  • Describe common barriers to successful communication and explain how to overcome them
  • Summarise effectively simple business documents and show an understanding of their content
  • Describe the roles of computers in and related technology in modern business communication
  • Describe and explain office organisation skills
  • Describe formal and informal communications structures in business contexts and explain why, and how, they operate
  • Explain the meaning of common business and communications terms, and also their uses, benefits and drawbacks

IQM Introduction to Quantitative Methods - 50 Hours (FT), 36 Hours (PT)

  • Demonstrate the rules of numeracy
  • Apply calculations
  • Use algebraic methods
  • Construct and use: Graphs, Charts and Diagrams
  • Apply statistical methods
  • Apply the laws of probability




Application Fee (Non-Refundable)
Course Fees



  • All prices stated above are inclusive of the prevailing Goods & Services Tax (GST)
  • Local Applicant: Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents
  • International Applicant: International students including international students transferring from other local institutes

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