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Bar Mixology Workshop

Bar Mixology Workshop

By the end of this competency based course, participants will through actual practice and know the basic bartending working procedure and adequate skills to prepare, mix and serve the different types of beverages as well as creating awareness inherent in the use and abuse of alcoholic beverages.

Awarding Body

  • SDH Institute

Entry Requirements

  • Age: Minimum 18 year old
  • Primary School Education

Occupation of Target Audience

  • Non-supervisory, supervisory or managerial

Mode of Delivery

  • Classroom based, practical demonstrations and individual practices

Assessment Methods

  • NA

Graduation Requirements

  • Participants who meet 75% attendance for the workshop will receive the certificate of participation.

Course Duration

  • Full-time:  NA
  • Part-time:  7 hours

Next available intake(s)

Please send in your enquiry to confirm the date of next intake


Course Reference Number

  • CRS-N-0042081

Part A (Theory)

  • Definition of Cocktail
  • Categories of Cocktail
  • Types of cocktails / Mixed drinks
  • Components of a Cocktail
  • Types of Bar Equipments and Glasswares
  • The Art of Mixing
  • Types of Garnishes
  • Bar Terminology
  • Concern Over Serving Alcohol in Food and Beverage Establishment

Part B (Practical)

  • Mocktails (Gunner and Fruit Punch)
  • Cocktails (Dry Martini, Singapore Sling and Frozen Margarita/Screwdriver)

Course Fee: S$148 (Without 7% GST). S$158.36 (With 7% GST)
Optional bar equipment fee: S$50 (Personal bar equipments such as a Boston shaker, bar spoon, strainer, jigger and jigger bowl)
For partial / fully self-sponsored participant, please arrange for payment 7 calendar days before course commencement date

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