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Bachelor's Degree in
Hotel Management (Year 3) (Teach-out by Nov 18)

Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel Management (Year 3) (Teach-Out by Nov 18)

About VATEL International Business School Hotel & Tourism Management

Founded in 1981 in Paris, France, Vatel is today firmly established as one of the world’s leading hotel schools with the mission to develop future senior managers of the hospitality and tourism industry. There are 24 Vatel centres throughout the world delivering the same courses to 5000 students based on the right balance between theoretical university courses and professional experience. This tried and tested concept has the approbation of the professional world as a panel comprising the highest ranking representatives of the international hospitality industry awarded Vatel in 2003 with the Worldwide Hospitality Award for the Best Training Program, and again in 2010 for the Best Professional Success and Best Educational Innovation. IFOP (French Institute of Public Opinion) also ranked Vatel as the top school in Europe for hotel and tourism in 2007. Vatel has achieved a graduates’ employment rate of 90%! This in part is due to the valuable industry network of over 20,000 Vatelians working in the most prestigious hotels around the world. Vatel is truly the gateway into global hospitality, tourism and luxury careers.


The Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel Management programme’s objective is to train students for operational and administrative management positions. The programme combines cutting edge management science with traditional know-how in international hotel and restaurant management. Students are expected to participate actively in every phase of this highly internationalized and multicultural academic program, and course work is reinforced through immediate application of knowledge in practical settings.

The faculty strives to attain outrivaled teaching standards by pushing back the boundaries in their respective disciplines and course work complements practical training, cultural and technical seminars. Consisting of a fixed curriculum of required courses, students alternate course work with practical situations in which they have the opportunity to apply and test what they have learnt while attending the Bachelor’s Degree in International Hotel Management programme.

Year 3 (Teach-out)

Students have all basic knowledge required. Students then are ready to begin team management, right in School. They develop their analytical capacities, using the wealth of knowledge they now have, devise strategies and the take their first steps in making decisions. These experiences, in the framework of upcoming practical applications, allow them to begin Management Training in a company without any stress.

Industrial Attachment

Each student will again go through a six month industrial attachment at hotels. This is yet another opportunity to display the learning evidences not only in class but also in practical performance. During and before finishing the industrial attachment, each intern will be evaluated to determine the extent of learning and qualifications of such intern. The student is expected to gain the confidence to be fully employed after this stage.

Course Learning Outcomes

Students, who have by now acquired legal, economic and linguistic capacities, are ready to manage teams at school. In this year, they develop their analytical capabilities, call upon the knowledge accumulated so far, devise strategies and take decisions.

Awarding Body

  • VATEL International Business School Hotel & Tourism Management, France

Entry Requirements to third year undergraduate

Minimum Age 17
Language Requirement Attainment of TOEFL 500(173 PC), IELTS 5.0, or equivalent
Academic Requirement Completed Bachelor Year 2 or relevant SDH Advanced Diploma, including 6 months Industrial Attachment or equivalent
Work Experience Not Applicable

Mode of Delivery

  • Classroom-based Lectures, Tutorials, Discussions and/or Research

Assessment Methods

  • Written Assignments, Examinations plus Project / Industrial Attachment

Graduation Requirements

  • Obtained a passing mark of 40% in all examinable module.
  • To obtain at least 2.0 GPA

Progression Pathway

  • Students who complete the Bachelors Degree in International Hotel Management (Year 3) are able to enroll in Master’s Degree in International Hotel Management awarded by Vatel International Business School Hotel & Tourism Management, France.

Course Duration

  • Full-time:      6 months
  • Part-time:     6 months
  • Industrial Attachment: (6 months)

Maximum Candidature Period

  • Full-time: 24 months.
  • Part-time: 24 months.

Next available intake(s)

  • The intake for the Full-time program is currently not available. This program will be taught out by November 2018
  • The intake for the Part-time program is currently not available. This program will be taught out by November 2018

ENG301 Business Communication III - 52 Hours

This module aims to develop skills in students to be able to link words and structures, do simulation of real situations, business correspondence, display improved vocabulary, participate in energized debates, do upselling, deal with and understand difficult clients, manage cross-cultural differences, and understand idiosyncrasies of managers.

CDH301 Career Development in the Hospitality Industry - 13 Hours

This module requires the students to carry out a school project related to hospitality and tourism, in order to test their understanding of theories taken up in all previous modules.

EUR302 European Studies—Beverages - 13 Hours

This module aims to provide an understanding of European wines and other beverages as well as the world’s. It prepares the students for an environment where wines are becoming more and more international.

EUR303 European Studies—Culinary Culture - 13 Hours

This module seeks to understand the traditional European cooking as well as the main European culinary traditions. It studies presentation cards, culinary heritage, traditional dishes and specialties, food related customs, types of cheese, chefs, and famous restaurants in European countries.

EUR301 European Studies—Politics and Economies - 13 Hours

This module aims to provide an understanding of how the European Union (EU) functions and what their policies are. It covers topics such as the founding of the EU, the European Council, shared political institutions, non-political control institutions, the greater domestic market, economic and monetary unions, and the EU citizens’ fundamental rights, languages, and cultures.

FEN301 French III - 26 Hours

This language module aims for the students to speak and write in French at an advanced level. This is to develop the students in speaking French to be able to work, to understand, speak and write using the correct French vocabulary needed in a French-speaking hotel or restaurant. This is the last French class under the bachelor programme.

HRM301 Human Resource Management III - 26 Hours

This module provides an understanding of operational practices in human resource management, covering issues in compensation reviews, salary administration, time management, strategic workforce planning, disciplinary authority, social relations, collective unrest, and social information tools.

COM301 IT Applications III - 26 Hours

This module involves the initiation of students into a database administration tool. It covers the presentation of databases and the importance of ERP (enterprise resource planning) in hotels and restaurants, presentation of query types, creating and manipulating forms, and creating menus and macroinstructions.

CRC301 Managing Across Cultures - 26 Hours

This provides an understanding of cultures, identities, and stakes in cross-cultural communications. It hopes to acquire a method to apprehend cultural differences. This is an initiation to cross cultural management; thus, it covers issues in cultural diversity, global cultural management as well as specific cultures in the Anglo-Saxon countries, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

ENV301 Managing Tourist Destinations and Services - 26 Hours

In this module, the students will understand the tourism environment and the general evolution of tourism and its types. It hopes for the student to know the new European touristic and recreational products and where they are located. Included are types of tourism such as seaside tourism, tourism in the mountains, health and well-being, cultural, business, recreational and niche market tourisms.

MKT301 Marketing III - 26 Hours

This module provides the knowledge and understanding of implementing resources in a hotel to impact the market using the marketing mix. It includes topics such as product life cycle; detailed and specific treatments of products, prices, distribution and marketing communication; and managing customer services using sustainable relationship tools.

NGO301 Negotiations - 26 Hours

This module aims to develop skills for students to become familiar with the principles of interest-based negotiations, to use this in different context such commercial social and managerial negotiations.

APP301 Professional Applications (*Part of the Industrial Attachment) - 280 Hours*

The students will be required again to apply the underpinning knowledge through several weeks of being exposed and experiencing the various roles and tasks in the hotel setting. Students will be assigned in at least two different hotel departments during these stints. Mentoring and observation shall be done in order to speed up the learning process. The student is expected to gain the confidence to be fully employed after this stage.

PRO301 Public Relations and Advertising - 26 Hours

In this module, the students will be able to enhance their knowledge in promoting the company using types of communication and related tools. It covers topics on corporate image, visual and advertising communication, press relationships, public relations, events, exhibitions, and tools to promote internationally.

AD3201 Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Accounting III - 52 Hours

This module aims to allow the students to learn skills as an F&B cost controller. It cover topics in budgeting, full absorption costing and calculation, gap analysis on direct expenses, analysis of financial statements, reworking the balance sheet and ratios, and new international financial and accounting standards to include the study of the American system of accounting. It also includes the study of local and foreign corporate taxation laws applicable in hotels, restaurants and the tourism sectors.

Industrial Attachment

Students have the opportunity to be placed in one of our partner’s hospitality companies. In the 6 months of attachment, students may be rotated in different departments and roles to gain substantial experience required for them to gain a foothold in the industry after they graduate. Supervisors will be placed in the charge of students. The supervisors will conduct site visits to understanding the students’ working conditions and performance. Assessment of the students’ performance is after 6 months by the respective company management and designated supervisors.

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