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learn. Socrates, one of history’s great philosophers and teachers, once said:  “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” This is exactly what happens whenever SDH Institute brings hospitality professionals into the classrooms to share their work experiences.

On the afternoon of 3rd December 2015, SDH Institute  had the honour of inviting two directors from the newly opened Hotel Jen (a member of the Shangri-La Group) to give a short talk to our students.  The talk aimed at inspiring SDH Institute’s students in the pursuance of their hospitality careers through a live testimonial from a successful hotelier and/or F&B professional. And Mr. Abdul Hafid, Director of Hotel Jen’s Food and Beverage Department, was that important guest and main speaker. He was accompanied by Ms. Sherine Chua, the Human Resource Director of Hotel Jen.

The students who enjoyed the talk and the interaction with the guests are currently taking the diploma, advanced diploma, and post-graduated diploma in hospitality and tourism management. Also present in the audience were the bachelor and masters students taking the Vatel programme in international hotel management.

The main speaker, Mr. Abdul Hafid graduated from Vatel Business School of Hospitality and Tourism in Nimes, France, in 1996. Thus, being a Vatelien himself, his hospitality experiences and insights were both absorbing and impactful especially to the Vatel students in the audience. Upon graduating from Vatel, Mr. Hafid had the opportunity of travelling around the world to put his knowledge to test. He had been with various hotel organisations in a number of countries before joining the prestigious Shangri-la Group in 2012. With the group, he plays an important role in the branding and launching of Hotel Jen Singapore.

Students were also excited at being briefed about Hotel Jen’s Management Trainee Programme where, if they apply and are selected, they would be able to experience working in the various Hotel Jens branches around the world!

After the talk, while some students had to continue with their respective classes for the day, many students stayed back for a question-and-answer session with the two directors. The details of the hotel’s training/internship opportunities were the focus of the later interaction between the students and the guests.

The SDH Institute team and students were very fortunate to have Mr. Hafid and Ms. Chua as guest speakers and presenters. Their sharing and  presentations were undoubtedly unforgettable.

Everyone looks forward to visiting Hotel Jen very soon.

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