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On 10th December 2018, SDH Institute received a few calls from members of the Public seeking clarifications regarding an email they received referencing our School. According to description, the email said that our School is conducting a survey and requires readers to...

Vatel Degree New July 2019 Intake Open for Application

Bachelor's Degree In International Hotel Management (Top Up) - Awarded By VATEL Institute

Vatel voted ‘Best Hospitality Management School’ of 2016

We are very proud to announce that for the 17th edition of the Worldwide Hospitality Awards, Vatel has won the ‘Best Hospitality Management School’ of 2016! The Worldwide Hospitality Awards is an international competition founded by Georges Panayotis, President &...

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Welcome to SDH Institute / Vatel Singapore

Our students from SDH Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Vatel Bachelor's Degree and Vatel MBA, share their views and opinions on "Why they choose SDH Institute / Vatel Singapore", "Why they choose Hospitality and Tourism Management", "What to expect when coming to study in SDH Institute / Vatel Singapore"A big thanks to Reina, Vincent, Jaspal, Stefanie, Catherine, Lazar, Julie, Gredia.

Posted by SDH Institute on Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Student Testimonials

Koh Bei Yin
Koh Bei Yin Bachelor's Degree in International Hotel Management, November 2014
After I completed my A levels, I wanted to enroll myself into a Hospitality Management Degree program in the local university but I realized there were few choices around and I don’t really like the modules in their program...

Student Testimonials

Chioh Pei Xuan Stella
Chioh Pei Xuan Stella Vatel Institute Bachelor's Degree in International Hotel Management, class of 2016
Vatel Singapore is definitely a choice I did not regret taking to complete my degree. Throughout my studies, I am able to gain a better insight on not only the hospitality industry but also other relevant ones. The teachers will always be very patient in guiding us and often provide enriching examples/experiences that cannot be found in any learning materials. Apart from just studying, I am delighted to meet a diverse group of friends who definitely made me enjoy schooling even more. The great memories with them and of course everyone else will always be remembered.

Student Testimonials

Pramuditha Bandara Dassanayake
Pramuditha Bandara Dassanayake Current student, Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management
I’m happy to be in a school where they give place to creativity and individuality and I love the fact the school does not force us to be something we are not but they help us be the person we want to be

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