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SDH News & Events

SDH News & Events

Let’s talk about Brexit

VATEL and SDH students attended a talk by Dr Sammy about Britain’s exit from EU and its implications on tourism.

SDH Stories (3 AUGUST – 21 AUGUST 2017)

As we near Graduation Day and 10th Year Anniversary Dinner, we will be sharing a series of SDH Stories featuring our own students, lecturers, and staff. SDH Stories is a recollection of fun memories and inspiring recounts of the SDH Family. To kick off our first SDH...

International Luncheon 05 AUGUST 2017

Yesterday, students from ADHTM organised another luncheon - this time it is themed with the menu concept of cuisines from around the world. The students came up with creative and beautiful art to decorate the restaurant. They even dimmed the lights and chose an...

Our Champions! 24 JULY 2017

SDH Institute is once again crowned Champion at the recent National Cocktail Competition, for the 2nd time in 3 years.

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