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MBA in International Hotel Management

MBA in International Hotel Management

About VATEL International Business School Hotel & Tourism Management

Vatel LogoFounded in 1981 in Paris, France, Vatel is today firmly established as one of the world’s leading hotel schools with the mission to develop future senior managers of the hospitality and tourism industry. There are 24 Vatel centres throughout the world delivering the same courses to 5000 students based on the right balance between theoretical university courses and professional experience. This tried and tested concept has the approbation of the professional world as a panel comprising the highest ranking representatives of the international hospitality industry awarded Vatel in 2003 with the Worldwide Hospitality Award for the Best Training Program, and again in 2010 for the Best Professional Success and Best Educational Innovation. IFOP (French Institute of Public Opinion) also ranked Vatel as the top school in Europe for hotel and tourism in 2007. Vatel has achieved a graduates’ employment rate of 90%! This in part is due to the valuable industry network of over 20,000 Vatelians working in the most prestigious hotels around the world. Vatel is truly the gateway into global hospitality, tourism and luxury careers.


The MBA in International Hotel Management combines a university teaching approach with a professional edge, whose aim is to train operational and higher managers in the field of hospitality with a wide range of equipment and facilities pertaining to international companies.

This programme prepares students for specialized executive and managerial positions in hotels and tourism companies. The programme combines cutting-edge management science with traditional know-how in hotel and restaurant management. Course work is reinforced through immediate application of knowledge in practical settings.

Learning Outcomes

The programme enables students to develop and cultivate managerial competencies such as analytical and organisational skills in addition to nurturing their ability to anticipate and decide rapidly and precisely on matters and situations that arise in all areas of the hotel management sector.

Industrial Attachment

Industrial attachment aims to expose the student to live experience and operations in the hospitality industry as an intern to prepare him/her to undertake supervisory roles after graduation. During this stage of industrial attachment, the student will be evaluated on his/her effectiveness in applying theories, mainly supervisory and management concepts, learned in school and enrich his/her skills and knowledge by immersing himself/herself in the workplace. The student will be required to submit a paper that would lay-out a plan to improve company’s business operations or any specific organisational function. The plan should include a situational assessment and the corresponding suggestions and recommendations. It will be undertaken for a minimum period of 6 months. industrial attachment is compulsory for Full-Time students. Part-time students with extensive working experience in hospitality industry can apply for exemption, subjected for approval, for this module.

Awarding Body

  • VATEL International Business School Hotel & Tourism Management, France

Entry Requirements

Minimum Age 21
Language Requirement Attainment of TOEFL 550 (213 PC/801BT), or IELTS 5.5, or equivalent
Academic Requirement Obtained a Bachelor Degree in Hospitality, or Bachelor Degree in any field with 3 years relevant experience, or equivalent
Work Experience Not applicable

Mode of Delivery

  • Classroom-based Lectures, Tutorials, Discussions and/or Research

Assessment Methods

  • Written Assignments, Examinations plus Project / Industrial Attachment

Graduation Requirements

  • Obtained a passing mark of 40% in all examinable modules
  • To obtain at least 2.0 GPA

Course Duration

  • Full-time:      12 months
  • Part-time:     12 months
  • Industrial Attachment: (6 months)

Maximum Candidature Period

  • Full-time: 24 months. Re-module: 36 months
  • Part-time: 24 months. Re-module: 36 months

Next available intake(s)

  • The intake for the Full-time program is three times a year.
    1. 1st intake: March period
    2. 2nd intake: August period
    3. 3rd intake: December period
  • The intake for the Part-time program is currently not available.


ENG401 Business Communication - 63 hours

This module aims of having students to feel completely at ease when communicating in English in order to be able to perform at full capacity. Effective use and manipulation of all modern communication tools such as the telephone, video conference, email, etc. are covered in this module, among others. It further includes the creation of resumes and cover letters, personal development, corporate image, outsourcing, handling complaints, management styles, crisis management, and values-understanding.

BUL401 Business Law - 42 hours

This module seeks to understand the specificities of business law, solving practical case studies, understanding legal reasoning as well as legal terminology. It covers studies of the legal structures of hotel industries and the other types of business organizations. Included as well is taking a close look at business leasing, different guarantees, business contracts, insolvency, and bankruptcy, among other. Actual and hypothetical case studies will be sparing used to elucidate the legal requirements of businesses.

GCP501 Corporate Business Strategy - 14 hours

This module aims to allow the students to carry out an internal and external audit of a company, contribute to the student’s acquisition of the transversality involved in different corporate structures, and prepare them for their final exam to be based on a case study.

FIN501 Corporate Finance - 42 hours

This module aims to develop skills in financial crisis management, sharing corporate added value, and risk analysis. It covers topics like financial communication, institutional financing, mergers and acquisitions, the social approach in financial and strategic decisions, the financial exp.

ORA501 Final Dissertation (Oral exam in front of a jury) - N.A

A correct presentation of the dissertation is nearly as important as the content. Quality is much more important than quantity. In the oral presentation, the student puts himself in the position of the consultant who just has few minutes for his pitch with one of the senior manages of the company, or with a banker, with a pertinent project that needs either to be financed or implemented. This manager or this banker knows nothing about the project before you present it to them. Thus, the jury or dissertation panel will grade the oral presentation according a pre-set criteria.

DIS501 Final Dissertation (Tutoring) - 48 Hours

Depending on the theme of the dissertation chosen by the student, a masters Vatel professor teaching in one of the fields that has been chosen and an external professional (usually one of the host company managers) will be chosen by the student to accompany an guide him in his work. These people will also be asked to participate in the jury for the dissertation examination. In order to optimise this time of assistance for all students, a time period will be allocated to each professor that has been chosen to assist in the dissertation. The assistance can have several forms: face-to-face talks, meeting, emails, etc. unicator, and financial audits.

FIN401 Financial Management - 42 Hours

This aims to understand financing packages and the preparation of students for career evolution in financial management posts. It covers the analysis of financial statements and strategies, as well as investment analysis using financial tools. It also includes returns on investments and financial ratios and their interpretations, development by investment and acquisition. Covered as well is the application of finance to the service of the development of hotel groups or studies.

TAX401 Fiscal Management - 42 Hours

This is an overview of corporate taxation as well as putting in place fiscal optimization. It covers topics on traditional and complimentary employee remuneration and indemnities given to employees. It also includes studies on taxation of value-added tax, income tax, and other taxable items in the companies’ possession. Finally, it looks into tax inspection and audits as well.

FEN401 French - 42 Hours

This module aims to acquire further knowledge of the hospitality industry in French and in preparing the students to be able to work, to understand, speak and write in French using the correct vocabulary which is needed in a French-speaking hotel or restaurant.

OPE501 Hospitality Operations Management - 42 Hours

In this module, the students will develop the skills in understanding and making decisions related to sustainable development, service personalization and customization, and innovation processes in hospitality. It covers topics like meaning of the word “luxury”, product designing, outsourcing services, subcontracting, event management’s promotion and organization, measuring company performance using dashboards, economic and social models, and the Lean and Six Sigma management method for services.

HRM401 Human Resource Management - 42 Hours

This module seeks to study and understand the strategic approach used by Human Resource Managers. It analyses HR practices, studies HR and social marketing, managing priorities and change management. Include as well are studies of performance management, remuneration policies, career planning and professional mobility. It takes a close glimpse at international labour laws as well as European human resource management practices and legalities.

TCS401 International Tourism and Hospitality Management - 42 Hours

This module aims to understand tourist and recreational environments, that is, in different continents of the world. The survey, analysis and evaluation of various tourism locations are covered in this study, specifically in North and Central America, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean Islands, Europe and the Arabian Emirates.

COM401 Management Information Systems - 42 Hours

This module seeks to understand data and information as tools for service quality and management decision making. Thus, it studies a data base administration tool particularly spreadsheet and if ever possible a database software. It aims to help the students to create administrative forms important in business transactions. Creation of a corporate website for marketing and for improving the corporate image.

MKT401 Marketing Management - 63 Hours 63 - Hours

This module aims for the students to understand operational marketing inclusive of product, pricing, distribution and communication policies. It covers studies on customer loyalty, commercial action planning and quality management where customer expectations stand paramount area of concern for the marketing professional.

ENG501 Negotiations - 36 Hours

This module aims for the student to become familiar with the principles of IBN (Interest- Based Negotiations). The students at the end of the module should be able to use the principles in different contexts as follows: commercial negotiations, social negotiations, and managerial negotiations. The module covers topics like defining negotiations, objective definitions, guidelines and strategies, sales negotiations from planning to evaluation, agreements, conclusions and consolidation.

ADM401 Operations and Revenue Management - 84 Hours

This course aims to equip students to qualify for the functions of an operational auditor or cost control manager. It covers the various principles used in operational auditing, structure of management and corporate governance while managing business and operations costs in accordance with preset goals, policies and procedures. The module also studies the measurement of the performance of the center of responsibility another major topic here. Also included are certain financial systems and their application as a part of monitoring tools, strategic analysis as well as the strategic and operational plan, the budget system and growth strategies. The subject studies the achievement of management in an international hotel environment, using the tools of performance control, pricing, sales analysis, managing budgets and empowering the enterprise.

COS401 Organisational Management - 42 Hours

This course aims to acquire knowledge, understanding and use of traditional and new organisational and management theories, methods and techniques. It explores the concept of organisational, business and management strategies, corporate governance, benchmarking, corporate social responsibility and business re-engineering.

HRM501 Strategic Human Resource Management - 42 Hours

This module aims to study ethics and multiple cultures in the workplace, social environments, evaluation policies, profit-sharing, continuous training and development, and crisis management. Also important to study are the strategic underpinnings and applications of handling stress, corporate culture, new roles of the HR manager or director, social dialogue in the company and the strengths and weaknesses of a multi-cultural team.

MKT501 Strategic Marketing Management - 42 hours

This module aims to provide a higher perspective of marketing management delving on the development of sensitivity to and skills in strategic level decision making. It covers topics on crisis management, online marketing and communications, brand logos, corporate patronage, culture as a marketing tool, strategy of offers, advertising strategy, analysis and customer monitoring in a TQM approach, pricing strategy in times of crisis, the pros and cons of franchises and quality-assured products as a sales vector.

ECO401 Strategic Tourism Management - 42 Hours

This module seeks to understanding tourist and recreational environments as well as the evolution of the main kinds of tourism. Furthermore, it aims for students to know the new European touristic and recreational products and where they are located. It also covers ethical and responsible tourism, the landscapes that promote tourism, health-related tourism, corporate tourism, gaming and tourism’s new directions for tourism in the 21st century.

VBG501 Vatel Business Game (Tutoring) - 24 Hours

The Vatel International Business Game (VIBG) is a real-life simulation of management situations taking place in an international hotel and now is an important part of the Vatel curriculum. Students are a part of “executive management teams”, and must manage three companies belonging to the same group, the Vatel Holdings, which is at the same time the sales and marketing headquarters plus the financial holding for the group; Vatel City which is a 4-star-300-room urban hotel in Paris; Vatel Resort which is a 5-star-150-room seaside complex in the Vatelle Archipelago in the Indian Ocean. At the end of the game, the best group is named as the “Vatel Dream Team of the Year. The main purposes of the games are to create the atmosphere of running a hospitality company, to develop teamwork, and make interdisciplinary and global decisions, among others.




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